Angela Axton


Angie started a business with horses and humans in 2011, which has continuously evolved to now incorporate many modalities of healing. She is passionate about teaching others to love and heal alongside their animals. She is looking forward to watching the transformations in the beings that become part of the sanctuary. She has already witnessed numerous changes in human-animal relationships.

Macy Fallico

Vice President

Macy has a strong passion for helping save animals and has rescued many of her own. Her passion for animals is what awakened her to help found Solstice Sanctuary. She cares deeply for her animals well being and wants to ensure every animal's voice is heard. She hopes to place a heavy emphasis on helping save animals from auctions.

Rachel Szydlowski

Founding Member

Rachel started Second Chances Natural Horsemanship in 2018 which was established to help horses with trauma or those deemed a “problem.” She expanded her business to include instructing, colt starting, rehoming, and even foster failing. Rachel has always dreamt of being part of an animal sanctuary and she is excited about this new journey!

Katie Sorensen

Founding Member

Katie has been an animal lover since she was born. She started taking horse-back riding lessons at the age of 6 and her love for horses has only continued to grow. Katie’s passion for animals has led her to successfully rehabbing many wildlife animals when she was younger. She has continued to learn more about the numerous different holistic modalities. Those modalities not only help humans but also animals as well.

Maddie Mitacek

Founding Member

Maddie is currently in her second year of college and is studying pre-veterinary medicine. She has been an animal lover since a young age and has been working with horses for almost 7 years. One day she hopes to support the sanctuary, along with other animals in need, by practicing veterinary medicine. Maddie also looks forward to rescuing a variety of animals and giving them the love and care they deserve.

The Team

We have many members behind the scenes helping the sanctuary and these are some of the most important contributions. These contributions help keep us up and running! The team includes Brad May, Haley Smith, Emma Fox, Ted Axton, Vickie Axton, Megan Wells, Stephanie, and Kelsie Morway. Their contributions are extremely important to us and the animals. Thank you for all that you do!