02 May

Our rescue headed out to Albany, Wisconsin to rescue a young donkey named Irvin. Irvin was saved from an auction in Iowa where he was at risk of being sent to slaughter. 

When we arrived, Irvin was skinny and weak. He could barely hold himself up and struggled to lift himself into the trailer. Thankfully, our team was there to lift him into and out of the trailer because he was physically incapable that day.

After lifting Irvin out of the trailer, we realized he had many issues. He was underweight, contaminated with lice, and was suffering from allergies. He itched himself raw in numerous spots all over his body because the lice were causing him so much pain. 

Our team has spent many hours shaving, bathing, loving, and feeding him to make sure he is strong enough. He has made a wonderful recovery over the past few weeks!

Welcome to forever, Irvin. You are safe here and will no longer experience any pain or suffering. We love you!

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